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Political Science Strikes the Health Care Debate

Is George Soros a Global Warming Turncoat?

Obama's Climate Rip-off

Nuclear Nonsense

The Futility of Hybrid Cars

Al Gore and Venus Envy

Zero-Calorie Sin?

Browner: Redder Than Obama Knows

Time for a Surgeon General-ectomy

Let There Be Dark?


New York's Soda Tax Scam

EPA Goes Man-Hunting

Pickens Hops Aboard Public Health Bandwagon

The Wrong Scary Toy Story

Green-on-Green Violence

Obama's Bad Green Deal

Detroit Needs Drilling, Not Bailouts

Greens Pave Way for Republican Comeback

The First Green President

IgNobels for Obama

Greens: ‘Economic growth is killing the planet’

Candidates Don't Come Clean on Coal

Five-Star Green Hypocrisy

Greens Exploit Wall Street Bailout

Picking on the Pickens Plan?

Activists Hit the (Plastic) Bottle Again

Pickens' Natural Gas Nonsense

Cholesterol Drug Scare Shenanigans

Debunking Democrats on Drilling

The Real Population Bomb

Nuclear's Wake-Up Call

'Poisoned Profits': Recycled Junk Science

Pickens Gives New Meaning to 'Self-Government'

Is T. Boone Pickens 'Swiftboating' America?

Conservation Nation?

The Wind Cries 'Bailout!'

Georgia Gets Green 'Justice'

Where's McCain’s 'Fuel Cell Express'?

Al Gore’s Epic Hypocrisy

Greens thwart gasoline production

Time to Retire 'Denier'

Poseur Shareholders

Global Warming's New 'Consensus'

McCain’s Embarrassing Climate Speech

Schumer Chucks the FDA?

The Great Global Warming Race

Anatomy of a Chemical Murder

A New ‘Green’ Body Count Begins

Why isn't Gore hounding the Olympic torch?

Bush beats Gore on climate?

Global Smearing

The Global Warming Bubble

The Washington Post-er Child for Climate Bias

Breath is toxic waste?

Candidates Fail Energy Independence Test

Looming Lightbulb Liability

Mayor Gloomberg

Lights out, America?

Hurricane Hysteria Revisited

Capturing Carbon Pipe Dreams

Manmade Antarctic Melting, Indeed

Vaccine Vindication

Newt Gingrich Out-Greens Al Gore?


Top 10 Climate Myth-Busters for 2007

A Lightbulb Tea Party?

Will Al Gore Make Peace With Reality?

The Greenest Hypocrites of 2007

It's the Sun, stupid

UN Climate Distractions

Global Warming's Bottom Line

Global Warming's Senseless Consensus

Food Nannies' Halloween Cancer Scare

California Fire Smokescreen

Hey Al Gore, We Want a Refund!

DDT Backlash Continues

Global Warming's Trillion-Dollar Turkey

Students Thrown Climate Life Preserver

Green Hypocrisy's Gold Standard

Japan Sweats for Global Warming

Green Building Racket?

Runaway Climate Captured?

Baby Video a No-No?

Atlantic Panic Debunked

New Science Challenges Climate Alarmists

How Now Brown Cloud?

A Green Sings the Renewable Energy Blues

Carbon Offsets -- Buyer Beware

Global Warming's Trillion Dollar Giveaway

Live Earth's Gross Groupies

Conservative Global Warming Sell-out?

Climate Activists' Credibility Gap

Military Suicide Study Mystery

Diabetes Drug Scare or Scam?

Earth-Friendly Greens Camouflaging the Poor's Plight

Hot Air Study Melts Global Warming Theory

Dying for Better Gas Mileage

Climate-Controlled Classroom?

Green Gas-Lighting?

Light Bulb Lunacy

DDT Backlash Begins

Can't See the Warming for the Trees

Global Warming and the Supremes

Sperm Count Beef?

Al Gore's Congressional Lovefest

Must-See Global Warming TV

Al Gore's Inconvenient Electric Bill

The Mega-Vitamin Mega-Myth

Climate Alarmists Abuse 'Children'

Unsustainable Environmentalism

Scare Science: When Facts Don't Matter

Climate Bills Are Self-defeating

Climate Change's Carnival Atmosphere

Beware the Eco-Industrial Complex

Asbestos Fireproofing Might Have Prevented World Trade Center Collapse

Eco-Intimidation Bypasses Scientific Debate

Trading Hot Air?


Polar Bear Meltdown?

One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Top Ten Junk Science Moments for 2006

Proposed trans fat ban based on a lot of junk science

New York City Bans Science

What Hurricane Season?

Cranberry Health Claims: A Thanksgiving Turkey?

No Beef to Breast Cancer Scare

Trans Fat Hysteria Could Be Lawsuit Bonanza

Celebs Mislead Californians on Air Pollution Threat

Bad Climate Science Yields Worse Economics

Fishy Dietary Advice

New Research Adds Twist to Global Warming Debate

Organic Milk Industry Reveals Hypocrisy

Enviros Target Target

Day of Reckoning for DDT Foes?

Lance Armstrong's Self-Inflicted Cancer?

Green CEOs Bad for Business

Weathering Hurricane Hysteria

Boomers Targeted in New Waistline Scare

Politicized Science Produces Bad Public Policy

False Alarm: A Report on the Center for Science in the Public Interest, 1971-2006

The Other Side of the Soda Fat Scare Story

Ross Gelbspan: Still Lying About the Pulitzer Prize

Ground Zero Sickness Study Uses Old Data

California AG Puts Climate Skeptics on Trial

The EPA's Polluted Science

PETA: Sacrifice Human, Not Animal Life for Medical Research

EPA's Never Ending Dioxin Scare

Bald Eagle-DDT Myth Still Flying High

Hank Paulson Was Thrown Softballs

The Right to Bear Firecrackers...

Toilet Bowl Cancer Scare Deserves A Good Flush

Trans Fat Lawsuit Against KFC Based on Thin Science

Treasury Nominee Hank Paulson Needs to Answer Some Questions

Canned Tuna Pregnancy Scare Smells Fishy

Does Manure Make a Farm a Superfund Site?

Treasury Nominee Is Ideologically, Ethically Challenged

Global Warming Skeptic Claims Environmental Conversion

Congress Overlooks Stem Cell Fraud and Futility

What's Your Real 'Carbon Footprint'?

DDT: A Weapon of Mass Survival

'Green' Politicians Add to Gas Price Woes

The Greenhouse Myth

Twenty Years After Chernobyl

Top Ten Junk Science Stories of the Past Decade

Senate Sets Up Lopsided Global Warming 'Debate'

Ford's Appeasement Backfires

Hot Air Hysteria

EPA Whips Up Air Pollution Scare

No Beef in Meat Packaging Controversy

Weak Energy Week

Kyoto's Quiet Anniversary

Low-Fat Diet Myth Busted

Woodpecker Racket?

FDA May Make Breathing Difficult for Asthmatics

Food Police Indict SpongeBob

Plants Bad for the Environment? Celebrities Causing Frogs to Croak?

Energy, A Potent Political Weapon

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Single column 3 Column
Stark Stark
Isle Isle
Shore Shore
Field Field
Twilight Twilight
Coral Coral


The Top 10 Junk Science Claims of 2005

A Junk Science Christmas Carol

Top Ten Worst Moments for Free Enterprise in 2005

Lead Did in Beethoven?

Politically Incorrect Plastic

Global Warming Blues

Market-Based Environmentalism Is An Oxymoron

U.S. Should Not Import European Laws

Global Warming on the Cover of Rolling Stone

Global Warming's Worriers and Zeroes

Flu Proposal Misguided

Gas price madness

DDT Is Only Real Weapon to Combat Malaria

Wilma Is Not Global Warming

What Arctic Warming?

Anti-Biotech Film a 'Crockumentary'

EPA Rules Raise Gas Prices

Study Disproves Antibacterial Soap Scare

Senate Barely Squelches Mercury Panic

Global Warmers Recruit Insurance Industry

Katrina Kicks Up Storm of Global Warming Debate

Another Stem Cell Fast One

Last implant gasp?

Global Warming Doubt Dispelled? Not Really

Pesticides Not a Threat to Students

Tree Ring Circus

Stem Cell Smoke and Mirrors

No Fiz in Soda Scare

Trillion-Dollar Radiation Mistake?

Merrill Lynch Pushes Global Warming Bubble

Rock Stars' Activism Could Be Put to Better Use

Businesses Giving Away the Store on Global Warming

Global Warming Heats Up in Senate

SEIU Using Intimidation To Expand Membership Rolls

Enviros, Homeland Security Threaten Drinking Water Safety

Greens Are the Real Energy Problem

PETA or Medical Research?

JP Morgan's Pretend Investors

World's First Global Thermometer

GE's Dangerous Gimmick

PETA Gets to Your Kids

Wal-Mart's Union Problems

Obesity Hysteria Survives Despite Official Debunking

JP Morgan Becomes Tool of Green Activists

Time to End the Breast Implant Circus

Anheuser-Busch Trapped In Social-Issue Snare

California's Bogus Baby Bottle Scare

'Best Corporate Citizen' Is a Dubious Distinction

Vaccine Disease Protections Outweigh Side Effects

Investment Consulting Firm Pushes Activists' Agenda

Global Warming Tax

Activists Push Kyoto Protocol Company by Company

Vaccination-Autism Link Unproven

Coffee Chain's Whiskey Deal Angers Pax

Bank Must Take Stand for Third World

It's Decision Time for J.P. Morgan Chase's CEO

Second Global Warming Treaty Makes Less Sense Than First

Anti-Business Activists Begin To Squirm

Mercury Rises Over EPA Pollution Rules

NASCAR Knocked By Lead-Heads

The Subliminal Corporate Takeover

Fair Hearing for Breast Implants?

Merck's Costly Withdrawal

Kyoto Count-Up

Warning for CEOs: Global Warming Is in Junk Mail

The U.N.'s Neo-Prohibitionists

Blocking Activists' Trojan Horse

EPA Makes Public Pay for More Smog

Introducing the Chief Appeasement Officer

Scientists Stonewall on Spurious Soda Scare

Turning Children Against Business

U.N.: No 'Natural' Disasters?

No Beef Behind Red-Meat Cancer Scare

President Could Help Tsunami Victims With Stroke of Pen


Environmentalists Surf Tsunami Tragedy

Better Arthritis Drugs Needed | Fat But Not Fit?

Kyoto Controversy Continues

A Few Beefs With Anti-Meatheads

EPA to Allow Pesticide Testing on Humans

Obesity Turkey/Vioxx Over-Reaction

Smoggy Statistics

Polar Bear Scare on Thin Ice

Sex, Not Science, Featured at Public Health Meeting

Science-Politics Tension Dates Back Centuries

Activists, Not Global Warming, a Third-World Threat

California's Stem Cell Scam

Bush, Kerry and the Environment

Prop. 71: the stem-cell sham

Suburbs Don't Pose Health Risk

Snack Foods Don't Fatten Kids

Kerry's Nuclear Power Problem

Cool Summer Gives Global Warmers the Freeze

Government Questions Obesity Scare

Soda, Diabetes Linked by Scientific Misconduct?

Enviros Blame Bush for WTC Health Hazards

Study Linking Whiteners, Cancer Has Cavities

Scientist Who Warned Against DDT Ban Dies

Toxic Waste Site Secrets

Chesapeake Bay Needs Science, Not Slogans

Ron Reagan Wrong on Stem Cells

Injustice at the Justice Department

Science 'Integrity' Award a Laugh Again

Have a Coke and a Waistline

Coconuts in Wyoming?

Reagan's Regulatory Reform

Global Warmers Adopt New Tactic

Anti-Meat Activists Target School Lunches

Lawsuits, Alcohol Advertising and Money

Monsanto Caves to Activists on Biotech Wheat

Enviros Exploit Mother's Day With Mercury Scare

Polluted People?

This Earth Day, Progress Worth Celebrating

Renewable Energy, Enviros and New Job Creation

No Mad Cow at New Jersey Racetrack

Chlorine Crackdown Causes Lead Leaks

Global Warming: The Movie

Pharmaceutical Fantasy

Obesity Obsession

Antibacterial Reports Cause Public Health Scare

Enviros Commence Election-Year Attack

Antibiotic Link To Cancer Is Baloney

Feds Press Salt Assault

Has Kerry Helped Vietnam Sue Over Agent Orange?

Atkins Attack

Tobacco Animal Farm

Eco-Extremism, Not Science, Behind Fishy Salmon Scare

The Energy Bill's Bright Side

Don't Have A Cow

Still No Beef to Mad Cow Mania


Fishy Mercury Warning

Arsenic-laced Presidential Campaign?

Smithsonian Wrongs Wrights ... Again

Eco-Imperialism's Deadly Consequences

Trash-Talking Landfill Safety

Ballistic Over Botox

Did Sept. 11 Cause Heart Attacks?

Food Labels Won't Cure Obesity

Enviros fan California's flames

Hit and Run Pesticide News

The Implant Axis

Secondhand Smoke Scam

Global Warming Litigation Heating Up

Everglades Cleanup Exposes Environmentalists

Prohibitionists Write Federal Alcohol Report

Snack Attack

Hillary's Sept. 11 Smoke Screen

KFC Chickens Out to PETA

Mars and the Eco-Inquisition

EPA Ignores Congress in Power Grab

California Recall Burns Flame Retardant

Exploiting 9/11 Babies

Global Warming Not a WMD

How NOW on Breast Implants?

Truth in Advertising

Integrity in Science Award is Neither

Ben & Jerry's New Scam

McJunk Science: Over Five Billion Fooled

Pesticide-Sperm Count Link Is Impotent

EPA: Freaky Frogs Not Linked With Herbicide

Cancer Miracle or Mirage?

Hormone Therapy, Alzheimer's Link Is Premature

Mad Cow Mania

Kooky Cookie Lawsuit

Chemical Plant Insecurity

Waistline Police Pull a Fasting One

World Health Baloney

Iraq War Not Over for Junk Scientists

Physician-Activists Socially Irresponsible on War

PETA: No Porpoise in War

Environmentalists AWOL on Saddam

Anthrax Mass Bioterror: More Fret Than Threat

Iraqi Oil Well Fires Not a Major Health Threat

Nevada Cancer Scare Is Tree-Ring Circus

Consumer Watchdog: Vinyl Toys Are Just Ducky

Better suing through chemicals

Mercury Scare Rising

Playground Wood: Cancer Cause or Consumer Scare?

Did PC Science Cause Shuttle Disaster?

The Kids and Chemicals Scam

McDonald's Lawsuit Deep-Fried for Now

Greens to Launch New Scare Campaign

Beyond Belief

Federal Nannies Go on New Year's Binge


Junk Science Oscars

Scientists Should Decide Silicone Safety

Feds Scare Public With Cancer 'Causes'

Fake Fat, Fake Fears

Midwest Plants Don't Cause Northeast Smog

Drugged Driving Hopes

Salt Assault

Freaky-Frog Fraud

Global Warmers Admit No Solutions

Beware Drug Company Marketing

How Reliable Is Ballistic Fingerprinting?

Small Pox Threat Exaggerated, Part II

Cell Phone Suit Gets Bad Reception

Clean-Up Confusion

Dirt-Asthma Link Needs Scrubbing

What Makes an 'Expert' an Expert?

McJunk Science

Desperate Activists, Desperate Ads

The Other Fake Meat

Stop Scaring the Mentally Ill

DDT Could Thwart West Nile Virus

Ground Zero Research Boondoggle

Hormone Hysteria or Hype?

Organic Industry's Thin Skin

IV-Bag Scare Drips Junk Science

The Fat Police Indict Margarine

Irradiated Mail Syndrome?

French Fry Scare, Part II

Rethinking DDT

Cloning Hype Offers False Hope

Global Warming Fears Must Cool Down

WTC Rescuers Not Exposed to Toxics

Don't Hold the Pizza Just Yet

What is WHO Doing?

Mercury Ban Promotes Lawsuits, Not Health

Allergy Drug Scare Unfounded

The Great Potato Chip Scare

Frog Study Leaps to Conclusions

College Drinking Study Is Intoxicating Scam

Fat Police Raid Classroom

TV & Violence: Strong Bond or Weak Link?

A Cost-Benefit Analysis

When Does Activism Become Terrorism?

EPA Lung Cancer Study Based on Faulty Data

Reporter Scares Readers With Dubious Diabetes Study

New Nutrition Book Choking on Bad Science

Make Sure Drugs Work

Firefighters' Honor At Risk

Bioterror Boondoggle

Women Confused By Conflicting Mammogram Data

Stem Cell Panel Has Vested Interest in Research

Formula for a Scam

Ringling CEO targets animal activists in ad

World Trade Center Syndrome

Spitzer's Smog

Bio-terror Hucksters


Homeless Data Based on Politics, Not Numbers

Animal Rights Activists Unleashed

The Feds: Terrorizing With Fat

When Environmental and Political Science Clash

Government pushes 'power-drunk, anti-alcohol agenda'

It Might Not Have Been a Clone

The CDC's Public Health Turkeys

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's ... Soda?

EPA Program Based on False Information

Don't Blame Sodas for Kids' Obesity

Flu Shot Frenzy Not Anthrax Answer

Health Officials Not to Blame in Anthrax Deaths

Misinformation Is Real Anthrax Danger

Concerns Vs. Chaos in the Anthrax Scare

Smallpox Attack Exaggerated

Bio-Terror Fear More Costly Than Attacks

Asbestos Column Raised Awareness

Asbestos Could Have Saved WTC Lives

The Dirty Business of Sowing Mammography Doubt

Dairy Industry Tries to Scare the Fizz Out of Soda Sales

Activist Attention Disorder

Federal Research Rat Hole

Medical Journals Hooked on Drug Money

Scare-Mongering Over 'Hillybilly Heroin' Deprives the Rest of Us

Fishy Tales About Frogs and Fanatical Global-Warmers

Nobel, Schmobel; Who Died and Made Them Experts?

Don't worry: Climate changes naturally

Fat-Free America?

Audubon's Fly-by-Night Pesticide Campaign

Bleeding N.Y.C. - For Profit

Animal Rights, Research Wrongs

Congress Working Hard to Make Schools Safe for Roaches and Rodents

At Least the Biotech Terrorists Are Consistent ... They're Always Wrong

Bush Push for Son of Kyoto is Misguided

Second-Hand Smokescreens

PPA ban isn't science, it's statistical malpractice

Lingering infestation of science moles

Scaremongering From the Sundance Kid

Coming Soon: More Chemicals Scares Than Anyone Dreamed Possible

The Breast-Cancer Myth

Let 'Em Go Thirsty

Holy Isotopes! Radiation Levels at Capitol 65 Times EPA Standards for Facility

National Research Council Poisons Arsenic Debate

JunkScience.com Report Is Accurate

Soft Drinks, Hard Bias

Gun Control Science Misfires

Quack Attack! The Case of the Dangerous Sippy Cup

Anti-chemical Activists and Their New Clothes

Organized Organic Crime

Getting the Lead Hysteria Out

Secondhand Smokescreen

Adjusting Science to Fit Policy

Laboratory Animal Farm

FDA Censors Diet-Health Debate

The Toxic Tooth Scare

Global Warming's Dirty New Secret

Fear-Mongering Where It Hurts the Most

American Heart Association Paradox

FDA's Mercurial Fish Story

Where's the Beef on Farm Antibiotics?

EPA Lamb Among Transition Wolves


Organic, Schmorganic

Studies Steal Cell Phone Lawyer's Christmas

Gagging on Statistical Pollution

Get the butterfly net for inattentive media

Final Countdown at EPA

Don't Let the EPA Pollute the Hudson

DDT Ban Is Genocidal

Media Activist Turkeys Ignore Butterfly Thanksgiving

Global Warming COP-Out

Is the FDA's PPA Scare BS?

Hamburger Report Not Well Done

The Hot Air Candidate

Biotech tricks or treats

Plutonium Pandemonium

Environmental Clapp-Trap

Al's Environmental Whoppers

The Tail End of the Fiber Myth

'Fat Police' Brutality

Diaper Dump

Taco Terrorism

Polluting the Facts

Just Another 'Junk Science' Joe

Benign Study, Toxic Spin

Butterfly 'Survivor'

A Scoop of Debunkey Monkey, Please

The Greens' Yellow Science

'Ozone Al' Picks 'Junk Science Joe'

Kyoto accord alarmists misguided, dangerous

The EPA's Secret Science

No panic necessary

The Pesticide Myth

Disinfecting the anti-bacteria debate

Science Can't Help Cell-Phone Makers

Spitzer's Dishwasher Politics

Despite Killer Bees, Biotech Works

AMA, Disinfect Thyself

Cellphone hysteric

EPA's way of pulling the pesticide plug

WWF helping to flush money down Toronto sewers

Medical Journal Forgets Own Warning

A Win for West Nile -- By Two Rats

Averaging health data harms both sexes

Will a memorial to Chunky Monkey consumers be next?

Unwarranted warning

The Cancer Cluster Lie

Media lose message

Second-hand science

Branson's hot air on zero-risk

European caution carries risks

JAMming an Rx for gun grabs

A Child's Tragedy: A Parent's Character

'Scare' Tactics in Reprocessed Medical Device Debate

Unreasonable Precautions

The Case for Public Access to Federally Funded Research Data

Ben & Jerry's or Bay water?

FDA label rule lacks scientific basis

Al Gore has high risk of heart attack, study indicates

Junk Science of the Century: The DDT Ban


The Greens' Ear-ie Ad

Glickman Sticks His Neck Out for Science

Still a secret

Tobacco-izing telephones

"The Insider": Whistle Blowing or Sucking Wind?

Study eases gene-altered corn fears

The Biotech Rumor Mill

Modified crops cause concern

Study: Weed Killer O.K.

Spitzer, Smog and Mirrors

Falcon's Fall

Tort Lawyers Getting Fat Off Fen-Phen

No chemical threat found

Dressing up the butterflies

Fist's forgotten facts

Saving secret science

Report gives new life to mobile phone phobia


Fear and ignorance followed Three Mile Island

Save plastic IV-bags so they can save you

No, ordering pizza won't save your life

Ban hysteria, not gas additives

By any other name

Science 'adjusted' to fit EPA policy

Slamming Science, Hollywood Style

Misleading headline

No smoking gun

Cooking beef and cooking news reports

Tobacco: Who pays whom?

Diesel gets new scrutiny

No conclusive evidence on cancer

Silencing Science in the Climate Debate

For the Feds, Fat is Where It's At

Breast Cancer Drugs Hold Out Hope -- But Not Certainty

An Empty Uniform

Politics and the Promise of Biotechnology

Medical Privacy Should Not Mean 'Secret' Science

A Diet Prescription for Trial Lawyers

EPA's Peer-review Perversion

Junk Science: It's the Law

Relax...You Might Not Be Doomed

The EPA's Clean Air-ogance

The EPA's Chemical Jihad

The EPA's Houdini Act

EPA's Power Grab

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