Climate Change 2001:
Working Group I: The Scientific Basis
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Appendix II - SRES Tables



II.1: Anthropogenic Emissions

II.1.1 CO2 emissions (PgC/yr)
II.1.2 CH4 emissions (Tg(CH4)/yr)
II.1.3 N2O emissions (TgN/yr)
II.1.4 PFCs, SF6 and HFCs emissions (Gg/yr)
II.1.5 NOx emissions (TgN/yr)
II.1.6 CO emissions (Tg(CO)/yr)
II.1.7 VOC emissions (Tg/yr)
II.1.8 SO2 emissions (TgS/yr)
II.1.9 BC aerosols emissions (Tg/yr)
II.1.10 OC aerosols emissions (Tg/yr)

II.2: Abundances and Burdens

II.2.1 CO2 abundances (ppm)
II.2.2 CH4 abundance (ppb)
II.2.3 N2O abundance (ppb)
II.2.4 PFCs, SF6 and HFCs abundances (ppt)
II.2.5 Tropospheric O3 burden (global mean column in DU)
II.2.6 Tropospheric OH (as a factor relative to year 2000)
II.2.7 SO42-aerosols burden (TgS)
II.2.8 BC aerosol burden (Tg)
II.2.9 OC aerosol burden (Tg)
II.2.10 CFCs and HFCs abundances from WMO98 Scenario A1 (baseline) following the Montreal (1997) Amendments (ppt)

II.3: Radiative Forcing (Wm-2)

II.3.1 CO2 radiative forcing (Wm-2)
II.3.2 CH4 radiative forcing (Wm-2)
II.3.3 N2O radiative forcing (Wm-2)
II.3.4 PFCs, SF6 and HFCs radiative forcing (Wm-2)
II.3.5 Tropospheric O3 radiative forcing (Wm-2)
II.3.6 SO42- aerosols (direct effect) radiative forcing (Wm-2)
II.3.7 BC aerosols radiative forcing (Wm-2)
II.3.8 OC aerosols radiative forcing (Wm-2)
II.3.9 CFCs and HFCs following the Montreal (1997) Amendments - radiative forcing (Wm-2)
II.3.10 Radiative Forcing (Wm-2) from fosil fuel plus biomass Organic and Black Carbon as used in the Chapter 9 Simple Model SRES Projections
II.3.11 Total Radiative Forcing (Wm-2) from GHG plus direct and indirect aerosol effects

II.4: Surface Air Temperature Change (°C)

II.5: Sea Level Change (mm)

II.5.1 Total sea level change (mm)
II.5.2 Sea level change due to thermal expansion (mm)
II.5.3 Sea level change due to glaciers and ice caps (mm)
II.5.4 Sea level change due to Greenland (mm)
II.5.5 Sea level change due to Antarctica (mm)


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