Junk Science Judo
Junk Science Judo
Self-Defense Against Health Scares & Scams
by Steven J. Milloy

Cell phones and diet soda cause brain cancer. Whole-grain cereals prevent cancer. Anti-bacterial products are creating supergerms. Alcohol reduces the risk of heart disease. These are just a few of the many bogus health scares and scams that bombard us every day.

Health scares and scams can harm the health of you and your loved ones, cost you dearly, and rob you of your peace of mind. But what can you do about it? If you're not a scientist, how can you prevent yourself from becoming a victim?

Junk Science Judo is the answer.

In 12 easy-to-understand lessons, author Steven J. Milloy walks you through the modern phenomenon of "junk science," the source of many health scares and scams.

Junk science is the manipulation of statistics to promote special policy agendas that have nothing to do with public health and safety. It can be disseminated by special interest groups, social and political activists, businesses seeking to hurt rival companies, and politicians. Unfortunately, many gullible journalists pass on the bad information, alarming the public and causing much harm.

Milloy teaches you how to debunk junk science­fueled health scares by using basic scientific principles that don't require any specialized training or education. Junk Science Judo will teach you how to tell the difference between health scams and genuine risks. After reading this book, you'll never look at the nightly news the same way again.

Steven Milloy Steven Milloy is the publisher of JunkScience.com, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and a columnist for FoxNews.com. JunkScience.com has won numerous awards, including being named a "Top Resource" by Yahoo!, "One of the 50 Best Web Sites of 1998" by Popular Science, and a "Hot Pick" by Science. Milloy has published more than 100 newspaper and magazine articles on junk science issues and appears frequently on radio and television.

Junk Science Judo
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