Climate Change 2001:
Working Group I: The Scientific Basis
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14. Advancing Our Understanding


Executive Summary

14.1 Introduction

14.2 The Climate System

14.2.1 Overview
14.2.2 Predictability in a Chaotic System Initialisation and flux adjustments Balancing the need for finer scales and the need for ensembles Extreme events Organised variability
14.2.3 Key Sub-systems and Phenomena in the Physical-Climate System Clouds Thermohaline circulation Arctic sea ice
14.2.4 The Global Carbon Cycle The marine carbon system The terrestrial system
14.2.5 Precipitation, Soil Moisture, and River Flow: Elements of the Hydrological Cycle
14.2.6 Trace Gases, Aerosols, and the Climate System

14.3 The Human System

14.3.1 Overview
14.3.2 Humans: Drivers of Global Change: Recipients of Global Change

14.4 Outlook


Co-ordinating Lead Author
B. Moore III

Lead Authors
W.L. Gates, L.J. Mata, A. Underdal

Contributing Author
R.J. Stouffer

Review Editors
B. Bolin, A. Ramirez Rojas

Other reports in this collection